Ambassador of Art ~ “Arts In Embassies”

HopeFloatsI am very pleased and honored to accept an invitation from the State Department of the United States to be a visiting artist in the world-renowned, “Arts In Embassies” program.  This dynamic and forward-thinking program was established over 50 years ago by the late President Kennedy in an effort to build relationships with foreign countries through American artists and artistry.  What better way to engage a foreign country than with the calming presence of art.

My discussion will focus on my personal history with the mandala.  I have spent several years working with this expression and I have created a large body of contemporary work based on the ancient art of the mandala.  My book, “Mandalas ~ Spirit In Art” by Chris Flisher is a retrospective of my time spent working with this art form.  I will be traveling to the island of Cape Verde to teach and present my work.  This great honor will allow me to fulfill a personal role as as ambassador of art.  The work is globally-sensitive, culturally-relevant and spiritually-inclined.  The goal is to break down barriers with warmth and color.  This short film explores my journey and expression.



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